Frequently Asked Questions

Spade Superfoods Blend works best when consumed once per day with or without food, ideally first thing in the morning. A pre-measured scoop is provided to ensure you get the perfect serving, and it mixes easily in any liquid or beverage.

You can expect Spade Superfoods Blend to give the same benefits of a manual “tastebud reset,” but without the excessive work and planning to gather, cook, and eat all the necessary ingredients. Those benefits could include things like…

Fewer cravings and more energy

A genuine appetite for healthy food (the kind that used to be a chore to eat)

Fat burning and weight loss as a natural result of a newfound distaste for junk food

Spade Superfoods Blend is intended to be a means to an end -- to make it easier to shift your lifestyle and start experiencing the advantages of eating real food and actually enjoying it. In the short term, you can expect extra support and ability to make the right choices. And in the long term, you can expect all the benefits of the massive lifestyle change that Spade Superfoods Blend can enable you to accomplish (that were too difficult before).

I won’t promise overnight results. But what I will promise you is a steady reduction in food cravings and significant change in your palate and appetite. Now that change may not happen instantly, but you should start noticing the first effects within 30 days of using Spade Superfoods Blend -- then much stronger as you continue after that, until your habits have shifted over entirely and you can start maintaining them on your own without the help of Spade Superfoods Blend at all.

That said, if you don’t notice any change after 30 days, simply return your empty bottle to us for a full, no-hassle refund.

No, Spade Superfoods Blend requires no refrigeration or special storage. Although to maintain peak freshness, we recommend you store it in a cool, dry area.

Spade Superfoods Blend is produced using a unique method that maintains the nutrient and therapeutic value of its ingredients while eliminating the harsh, “grassy” taste you may have experienced elsewhere. The result of our unique method yields a mild, berry flavor that mixes well with a variety of beverages.

And if for any reason you’re unhappy with the flavor of Spade Superfoods Blend, you’re eligible for a full, no questions asked refund under our 365-day “empty bottle” guarantee.

Not a problem. Our guarantee allows you to return one opened bottle (so you can test the product) and as many unopened as you wish -- within a 365 day window. So just be sure to open only one bottle if you order multiple, and you’re still eligible for a full refund of your entire order.

Spade Superfoods Blend is brand new to the market and currently the only product of its kind available to the public. As a result, we don’t yet have feedback from our customers.

However, we encourage you to investigate the deep body of research behind each Spade Superfoods Blend ingredient for yourself if you’re curious about how and why they work inside your body.

Spade Superfoods Blend does not have what most would consider to be an “active dose” of caffeine. Although it does have two ingredients -- EGCG extract from green tea and yerba mate -- that may contain trace amounts of caffeine (less than 25mg).

No, but once our initial supply of 1,750 bottles is exhausted, the order form on the next page will be replaced by a “click to join waitlist” button instead. Click the button below to confirm we still have inventory for you to secure your personal supply of Spade Superfoods Blend now...